Send iOS and Android mobile subscription events to Tenjin with Qonversion.

With Qonversion, you can automatically send mobile subscription events to Tenjin. Here you can find the full list of the events tracked.

Getting Started

  1. Before sending events to Tenjin make sure:

    a) You've added your apps to the Tenjin dashboard.

    b) Get your Tenjin API key from the dashboard.

Tenjin API key

2. Navigate to the integrations tab in your Qonversion account and add Tenjin Integration:

Tenjin integration

3.1. For an Android app, you should add only your Tenjin API Key:

Enter Tenjin API Key

3.2. For an iOS app, you should add Tenjin API Key and Bundle ID:

Enter Tenjin API Key and Bundle ID

4. You can configure some of the event names for this integration. Purchase events with revenue value (like Trial Converted or Subscription Started) do not have names in Tenjin, so they all have the same default "purchase" name in Qonversion:


Done! Now you will start receiving revenue and other subscription events with values in your Tenjin account.