Facebook Ads

You can accurately measure how your Facebook Ads campaigns generate revenue, including from purchases, subscriptions after free-trials, renewals, and even refunds. #attribution

To help you understand the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, Qonversion sends data directly to your Facebook Ads account.

Qonversion tracks revenue even if users don't open the app. This allows you to measure the performance of each subscription plan with 100% accuracy.

‌Use this integration to:

  • See how your ads impact trial starts, trial conversions, purchases, subscriptions, and renewals. Please see the list of all the events here.

  • Measure the return on your advertising spend based on accurate revenue data.

  • Create a custom Facebook audience (Lookalike Audience) based on your paying users to increase your advertising ROI (ROAS). Show ads to people similar to those who convert into paying users after a trial period.

Facebook SDK

1. First, you need to have Facebook's SDK integration in place. Please follow Facebook’s documentation for that.

2. Set your Qonversion UID to Facebook's SDK:

Qonversion.launch(withKey: "projectKey") { (uid) in
AppEvents.userID = uid
[Qonversion launchWithKey:@"projectKey" completion:^(NSString * _Nonnull uid) {
[FBSDKAppEvents setUserID:uid];
Qonversion.initialize(this, "ApplicationKey", "yourSideUserID");

Do not track any purchase events on the client side.

Qonversion tracks and sends all revenue events so if you track revenue events with Facebook SDK, you may double count the revenue in your Facebook Ads account.

3. Get your Facebook Access Token. You can use this URL to access your token. (Choose your Application in the top-right corner. Push the Get Token button, then click Get App Token):

The token will look like this:

4. Input your Facebook Access Token into your Qonversion account. Then you will able to see subscription events in your Facebook Ad account, even if they happen after a free-trial period (but only within a 28-day window, per Facebook's rules). Note: It may take up to 24 hours for recently delivered events to appear in Facebook.

5. Event names. Qonversion uses standard Facebook event names. If you need to change the names, you can do so in the integration section.

100% Done! Now Qonversion will send subscription events to Facebook Ads Manager.

You're all set. You can view the detailed subscription related events in your Facebook Ads account (Analytics, Ads Manager, Audience), get insights on your performance, and improve your marketing ROAS with Lookalike Audience. Please read our guide on using Lookalike Audience in Facebook Ads here.