Send Subscription Events to Mixpanel

Qonversion can send the first purchase event of an auto-renewing subscription after a free trial into Mixpanel. This will allow you to get data on paying users in Mixpanel.

Qonversion tracks revenue even if users don't open the app. This allows you to measure the performance of each subscription plan with 100% accuracy.

Getting Started

1. Install the Mixpanel SDK. See the guide here.

2. Attribute events sent from Qonversion and events received from the Mixpanel SDK to the same user by setting Qonversion's UID to Mixpanel:

Qonversion.launch(withKey: "projectKey") { (uid) in
Mixpanel.mainInstance().identify(distinctId: uid)
[Qonversion launchWithKey:@"projectKey" completion:^(NSString * _Nonnull uid) {
[[Mixpanel sharedInstance] identify:uid];
Qonversion.initialize(this, "ApplicationKey", "yourSideUserID");
MixpanelAPI mixpanel =
MixpanelAPI.getInstance(context, MIXPANEL_TOKEN);

Do not track any purchase events on the client side.

Qonversion tracks and sends all revenue events, so if you track revenue events with Mixpanel SDK, you may double count revenue in your Mixpanel account.

3. Go to the Mixpanel Project Settings section or use this URL, and copy your token:

Mixpanel Profile & Preferences → Projects

4. Input the token for your app in the Qonversion account and type any custom event name for purchase events (here you can see all tracked events and their default names):

Qonversion Settings → Integrations

Done! Now you will able to receive custom events based on real purchases in your Mixpanel account, with values.