Send iOS and Android subscription events to Mailchimp to trigger personalized emails

Qonversion sends mobile subscription events to Mailchimp to automate emails with special offers to users who cancel a trial or a subscription. A personalized email with a special offer to a user who just canceled his trial can significantly uplift the app's revenue. You need to provide a user email address using Qonversion's user properties to be able to use Mailchimp integration. Here you can find the full list of the events tracked.

Getting Started

1. Configure the SDKs

To initialize the Qonversion SDK follow the getting started guides for iOS or Android.

2. Provide user email using User Properties

Qonversion.setProperty(.email, value: "[email protected]")
[Qonversion setProperty: QPropertyEmail, value: @"[email protected]"]
Feature is in closed beta. Coming soon.

2. Configure the integration

Activate the integration from the Qonversion dashboard. Navigate to the Win Back dashboard and choose Mailchimp:

Add Mailchimp integration

Enter your Mailchimp API Key and Audience ID (AKA List ID):

Click the Save button.

Done! Now your Mailchimp Audience will be able to receive revenue and subscription events from your apps. New audience members will be created automatically.

Note: Only users with the correct email address set will be tracked by Mailchimp.