Send iOS and Android subscription events to Branch with Qonversion.

Qonversion sends subscription data for iOS and Android apps to your Kochava account to help you understand your marketing performance. Measure what drives your revenue by tracking trial-to-paying-user conversion, subscription renewals, billing retry state, cancellations, refunds, and other useful subscription events. Here you can find the full list of the events tracked.

Getting started

1. Configure the SDKs

  1. Initialize Kochava SDK following this documentation.

  2. Initialize Qonversion SDK following steps provided in getting started guids for iOS or Android.

  3. Set Kochava Device ID for matching users:

Qonversion.setProperty(.kochavaDeviceID, value: KochavaTracker.shared.deviceIdString)
[Qonversion setProperty: QPropertyKochavaDeviceID, value: [KochavaTracker.shared deviceIdString]];
// Android SDK Temporary does not support user properties
Qonversion.initialize(this, "projectKey", Tracker.getDeviceId());

2. Configure the integration

Activate the integration from the Qonversion dashboard. Go to the Integrations and choose Kochava.

Fill Kochava API Key and Secret Key, see more in Kochava Documentation.