Unity SDK

Guide for installing the Qonversion SDK for Unity

Current version 1.0.0


Install via OpenUPM

Qonversion SDK package is available on the openupm registry. You can install it via openupm-cli.

openupm add com.qonversion.unity

Install via Git URL

Available starting from Unity 2018.3.

Just add this line to the Packages/manifest.json file of your Unity Project:

"dependencies": {
"com.qonversion.unity": "https://github.com/qonversion/unity-sdk.git#1.0.0"

Plugin setup

Setup with a Launcher

To get the key, go to the settings in your Qonversion Dashboard and copy the Application Access Key.

Programmatic setup with a Script

Unity SDK
Unity SDK
using QonversionUnity;
public class QonversionLauncher : MonoBehaviour
private void Start()
Qonversion.Launch(applicationAccessKey, userID, debugMode);