Quick Start with iOS

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  • XCode 9.2 or higher

  • Target of iOS 9 or higher


To integrate Qonversion simply use CocoaPods:

  1. Install CocoaPods (put sudo gem install cocoapod in terminal).

  2. Run pod init in project's directory if you do not have a Podfile.

  3. In the Podfile, add pod 'Qonversion' in your main target.

  4. Run pod install.

  5. From now on, open your project with the .xcworkspace.

Set up Qonversion

1. Import the Qonversion module in your AppDelegate:

import Qonversion
// import FBSDKCoreKit // For Facebook Ads integration
// import Amplitude_iOS // For Amplitude integration
#import "Qonversion.h"
// #import "FBSDKCoreKit.h" // For Facebook Ads integration
// #import "Amplitude.h" // For Amplitude integration

2. Configure the Qonversion in your app's application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method:

Qonversion.launch(withKey: "projectKey") { (uid) in
// This uid is needed for Facebook Ads integration:
// AppEvents.userID = uid
// This uid is needed for Amplitude integration:
// Amplitude.instance()?.setUserId(uid)
[Qonversion launchWithKey:@"projectKey" completion:^(NSString * _Nonnull uid) {
// This uid is needed for Facebook Ads integration:
// [FBSDKAppEvents setUserID:uid];
// This uid is needed for Amplitude integration:
// [[Amplitude] instance] setUserId:uid];

50% Done!

Now Qonversion will automatically track every purchase event - subscriptions, trials, and purchases - in the App.

Provide Shared Secret

1. Log in to your App Store Connect account. Go to "My Apps" and select the App.

2. Open your App in AppStore Connect and perform these steps to copy Shared Secret:

3. Provide this Shared Secret to your qonversion.io account:

90% Done!

From now on, Qonversion will track subscription events independent from a user's device (e.g., if the App was not opened or even deleted).

Next Steps