Flutter SDK

Guide for installing the Qonversion SDK for Flutter


To use Qonversion in your Flutter app, add qonversion as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

qonversion_flutter: ^1.0

Run flutter pub get to install dependency.


You need to configure Qonversion once at a starting point of your app.

For example, launch Qonversion in initState of your top level widget:

import 'package:qonversion_flutter/qonversion.dart';
String _qonversionUserId;
void initState() {
Future<String> _launchQonversion() async {
_qonversionUserId = await Qonversion.launch(

Qonversion will track purchases automatically.

If you want to use your custom user id instead of Qonversion User-Id:

final userId = 'CLIENT_SIDE_USER_ID';
userId: userId,

Provide credentials

90% Done!

From now on, Qonversion will track subscription events independent from a user's device (e.g., if the app was not opened or even deleted).

Next Steps


Qonversion SDK is available under the MIT license.