Raw Data Export

Raw data export is available to our customers on all plans.

You can download your raw data for the specific period or send the download link to your email.

  1. Select Export Data:

2. Select the dates at the top right corner.

3. There are two options: download your raw data or send the download link to your email. Just choose the option you prefer.

Please note that generating your export file may take some time, depending on the size of the file.

4. Data fields available:



Event Date

Date and time Qonversion tracked the event

Event Name

Event name like Subscription Started or Trial Started

App Name

Your App name in Qonversion

App ID

Your App ID in Qonversion

Product ID

Product ID in App Stores

Subscription Group

Subscription group in App Stores


Price of the underlying product


Currency of the underlying product


Price excluding App Stores commission


App Store refund date

Transaction Date

App Store transaction date and time

Q User ID

User ID in Qonversion

User ID

External user ID


Device type

Device ID

Device ID


Device language

OS Version

Operating System version