Customers Dashboard


The Customers dashboard provides an overview of your customers and detailed data on a customer level:

  • Active subscribers

  • Churned subscribers

  • Average payments count

  • Average price paid

  • Events environment (Sandbox, Production)

Customers summary

Here you can see the total Active Subscribers, Churned Subscribers, Average Payments Count and Average Price for the period chosen.

Below you can find the details of the customers tracked:

Column names explanation:



Client UID

The unique ID of a subscriber assigned by Qonversion


Real-time status of a subscriber: Active, Canceled or Billing retry.

Last Payment

The exact time when a subscriber was charged


Transaction currency

Payments Count

How many transactions a subscriber made

Net Payments

Sum of all of the transactions of a subscriber


The name of a subscription plan in App Store Connect


The date when a user became a customer

Customer Details

Click a Client UID to see more details about a subscriber.

Here you can see the timeline of you customer's subscription history. This data is useful for fixing any issues with you subscriber data and understand Sandbox and Production events while debugging.

Use the Delete button in the right corner to delete a subscriber and all of his transaction data.

Note: When you delete a user, it affects all charts and reports in your Dashboard. This action can not be undone!